Orange Coast was founded in the mid 1960’s by a group of real estate brokers in Orange County, California who wanted to establish a new market place for “out of the box” thinkers and doers who realized that people drive transactions, not properties. They wanted to establish a venue to market real estate equities and strategize solutions to real estate/people related problems.

The founders followed the Richard Reno philosophy:  “There is no such thing as bad property, only wrong or untimely ownership.”

Many of the founders were also members of the Society of Exchange Counselors and the National Council of Exchangors.  Some of our past presidents are authors, teachers, and have been inducted as “Legends” of the Society.

Orange Coast has always been an innovator, originally meeting twice a month at the Airporter Inn, Newport Beach, for almost 20 years. The meetings grew in attendance to over 100 each meeting.

Orange Coast sponsored seminars and panel discussions with industry leaders. One in particular was a moderated session by legendary attorney and Orange Coast friend, Marvin Star.  It was a discussion between leading industry brokers and lenders. Presidents of banks and Savings & Loan Associations were in attendance.

Legendary Coach, John Wooden was the keynote speaker at an Orange Coast Meeting in the 1990’s.

The New Orange Coast continues the tradition as an innovative group leader in marketing and education.

A word from Bob Steele, a founder of Orange Coast Exchangors:

“A broker named Roy Ward from Newport took the Reno 6 day class. About the same time I read by chance the 1031 law that had gone into effect a year or so before. I could see that exchanging would be good in the future and I started looking for someway to learn about it. No internet – right. Roy heard about Reno. I called him. He said he had a class coming up in Santa Rosa. It was sponsored by Hunter whom I met there. Found out there was an exchange group in Atascadero central coast area – 1st one in the nation originated by Bill Broadbent and others. I started driving up there to their meetings. Together with Roy we sponsored a Reno class in Orange country with the idea of forming a group from the students. Set it up and Roy and I set up a president and I can’t remember his name now. We met in a restaurant on 17th. I was the second president. We started then to have other Reno classes in areas we picked and from each class set up a new exchange group in that area. About one a year and everyone helped. Orange Coast was always the granddaddy in the south and it always attracted the best players. A lot of stuff originated from that group. Don Eymann with the mini form, Bruce Howie with the first over-riding deed of trust ever, Chatham and Hoover with the counseling course, my class also started there, Madge Davis started SCORE from Orange coast which was a regional once a quarter meeting of the presidents of all the local groups plus their pick of the two best exchangors from their groups.”

2013 –  Cliff Strand
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2011 –  Fritz Hoebink
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2009 –  Tom Bohan
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